Studio Policy

Pinnacle Pointe Studios



Pinnacle Pointe Studios Booking & Services Terms.


A signed session invoice and completed proposal serves as a work order agreement, and all subject to the conditions and covenants contained in this agreement must be agreed upon. The client is responsible for a 50% deposit up front for all studio time and any cancellationa of the session with 24 hours notice or less are non-refundable. The client is responsible for 50% upfront deposit and the remaining balance due before any recording, mixing or mastering services begin. Any other payment arrangements must be agreed to in writing, by Pinnacle Pointe Studios, at least three {3} business days before the session.

Client agrees to take full financial responsibility for any damage or costs incurred by him/her or by anyone attending. This does not include Pinnacle Pointe Studios personnel. The client hereby indemnifies and holds Pinnacle Pointe Studios harmless from any and all damages which may accrue to the client and/or others, concerning the costs of musicians, vocalists, and others, and all other costs in connection with down time on this session and/or any future sessions. Recorded media left for one month, or more are subject to storage fees and collect shipment to the client.

Client hereby indemnifies and holds Pinnacle Pointe Studios harmless from any and all claims for damages or losses which may occur to client's equipment, recorded media. Or other property, while being stored, handled, or shipped by Pinnacle Pointe Studios. The client is advised to submit a written, numbered purchase order at the time studio services are booked, stating (A) the amount of studio time ordered, and (B) persons authorized to order further studio time.

We want our studio to be inviting, comfortable and fun! But being under the influence of alcohol and illegal hard substances is a studio liability for everyone involved. We here at Pinnacle Pointe want you to sound your best! Being under the influence will degrade your performance on the mic. For these reasons please, no one under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will be allowed in the studio! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.